Our Story

In October 2000, we purchased our property on the east side of Paso Robles and started building our dream home.  Simultaneously, we were planning and preparing the land for our future vineyard.  In June 2001, we personally planted 9 acres of Petite Sirah grapes. We knew we had a lot to learn, but agriculture and farming was in our family genes, or so we thought! Hoeing weeds on 9 acres wasn’t too fun, so we quickly enlisted the help of our two young sons and the four of us spent every weekend working in the vineyard.  It was relatively easy to grow the grapes; the hard part was controlling the weeds, gophers and squirrels, not to mention pruning, training and suckering the vines.  But we all became farmers and in a few short years our vineyard was producing wine grapes! In October 2003 we picked and sold our first 5 tons. The winemaker said that our grapes were the best quality he had seen in years.

In May 2005 we planted 10 acres of Zinfandel and Primitivo.  We have a combined total of 19 planted acres. After exclusively selling our grapes for three years, we decided to take the plunge and dabble into learning the art of winemaking.  We anticipated that in five to ten years we would be producing and selling wine.  In 2007 we bottled our first 50 cases of “Always” Petite Sirah. After sharing our wine with friends and family, everybody we gave it to loved it so much – they wanted more!

Hence, our winemaking journey has begun!